Dec 14, 2011

Remove empty lines in text using Visual Studio

Visual Studio has ability to delete empty lines in replace operation using regular expressions.
  1. Click Ctrl-H (quick replace)
  2. Tick "Use Regular Expressions"
  3. In Find specify ^$\n
  4. In Replace box delete everything.
  5. Click "Replace All"
All empty lines will be deleted.

Jan 11, 2011

Google Checkout Issues with Android Market and Google Apps for Your Domain (GAFYD)

After upgrading GAFYD to the new infrastructure, I was no longer able to use the Android Market to purchase Apps for my DROID. After digging around for weeks for a solution to this, I was able to glean the following solution & decided to sum it up here.

Go to:
Google Apps Control Panel => Organization & Users
On the tabs below, click on the "Services" tab

Here's a direct link, if you substitute your domain name:{}/Organization#Organization/subtab=1

Scroll down in the list to the "Other Google Services" section & make sure Checkout is "switched to on".